Top10 Power Cable Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Power Cables Manufacturers In India 

A power Cable is an electrical cable, an assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. The assembly is used for the transmission of electrical power. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring. People use Copper, Aluminum Conductors for power cables. 

Top 10 Power Cables Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

  • Valuecon 

  • Valuecon is the trusted company that manufactures wires, and cables for all domestic or industrial requirements. The company product is compatible with House wires, Power Cables, Submersible Cables, Telephone Wires, Solar & Battery Wires, etc. Valuecon is the Top House Wire Manufacturer in India Online that offers highly advanced, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. 

    Valuecon offers a power cable that is high in quality. These power cables are overloaded with protection with high-quality wires. It features better isolation materials, and better quality rubberized texture

     The marketing model of Valuecon stands out from other brands. Valuecon does not involve a complicated channel of middlemen. They offer factory prices and even custom cables (desirable length, gauge, material, etc.) to consumers through their partner e-commerce channel — Ensuring the least price in the market

  • KEI Industries Ltd.

  • KEI offers cables, and wires that offer extra high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage power cables. The company has a wide range of flexible wires & electrical cables.

    This company offers long, high-quality power cables. It is designed for durability, and dependability that is perfect for a desktop workstation. This is compatible with many applications including laptops, printers, scanners, and other electronics. 

  • Polycab India Ltd.

  • Polycab offers cable, wires, or allied products such as uPVC conduits, lugs and glands. It has a range of cables, and wires that has a wide range of products like fans, switches, switchgear, and led lights. 

    This company has the perfect replacement for old, unreliable power cables. It is a fully molded design for maximum durability and long life. Customers can directly connect a longer power cord instead of attaching a separate extension cord. 

  • RR Kabel Ltd.

  • RR Kabel Ltd offers electrical, and copper industries that adapt to new innovations, and technology. The company desires to adapt to new innovations, and technology with a continuous pursuit of evolving technology. 

    The power cables are large wire gauges for heavy-duty use, with a fully molded design for maximum durability, and long life. This offers a cost-effective and high-quality product. 

  • Universal cables Ltd.
  • Universal Cables Ltd is the largest cable manufacturing company that offers extra high voltage, medium voltage, control & instrumentation cables, power capacitors, and automatic power factor control. 

    This company produced a flexible cable body that is durable, and strong for daily using. This is made of high-quality material, pure copper, and environmental PVC. It ensures that the cable arrives in good condition, and provides a long service life. 

  • Apar Industries Ltd

  • Apar is a trusted manufacturer & supplier of conductors, a wide variety of cables, specialty oils, polymers, and lubricants. The company focuses on consistently optimizing efficiency to ensure better costs for customers. 

    This company's power cable is of high quality that is 100% copper inside the cable. Avoid cheap cables, and protect your device from danger. Anti-Interference feature with better isolation materials, better quality rubberized texture cord. The power cables are designed for durability and dependability and are perfect for environments. 

  • V-Guard Industries Ltd. 

  • V-Guard Industries Ltd offers voltage stabilizers to digital UPS, Inverter, and Inverter batteries, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, domestic pumps, and wiring cables. 

    This company's power cable is of double insulation for extra protection, waterproof, crackproof, and waterproof outer insulation for long life. It is the best quality ISI market wire for submersible pump installation. 

  • Finolex Cables Ltd.

  • Finolex is India’s largest, and leading manufacturer of electrical, and telecommunication cables for the automobile industry. They build their reputation with quality manufacturers by upgrading technology and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

    This company's power cables are flame-retardant, economical, and safe. This supports the high thermal stability, high oxygen, and temperature index. The color is red and supplied in 90-meter packing. 

  • Havells India Ltd.

  • Havells produces a range of industrial cables including Multicore Cables, Lower Voltage, High Voltage Cables Extra High Voltage Cables, etc. These cables are under eco-friendly norms and are safe, reliable, fire retardant, and fire resistant. 

    Havells Power Cables wires have an allowable current-leakage limit that is 50 times lower than the prescribed international safety norms. The color is green, and the nominal area of the conductor is 6, leakage current. 

  • KEC International Ltd.

  • KEC International Ltd offers electric power transmission towers. The company operates worldwide as a power transmission engineering, procurement, and construction company. 

    This company has the best quality or cheap cables, that are designed to connect a wall socket, and is compatible with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Wipro, LG, ASUS, and many more. This supports overload protection with high-quality wires. Anti-interference feature with better isolation materials, better quality rubberized texture cord. 

    Top Power Cables Companies in India Power Cables Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

    The top Power Cables Companies are Valuecon, Polycab Wires, Havells India Ltd, Finolex Cables Ltd, Sterlite Tech Cables, Plaza Cables, RR Kabel, V-Guard, KEI Industries Ltd, RPG Cables, Uniflex Cables Ltd. 

    Valuecon is the best brand for manufacturing wires and cables. The company is a trusted manufacturer of wires, and cables like building wires, industrial cables, co-axial cables, control cables, etc. 

    Power Cables Manufacturers Online India

    Valuecon is the best power cable manufacturer in India for manufacturing wires, and cables. The company is a trusted manufacturer of wires, and cables like building wires, industrial cables, co-axial cables, control cables, etc. 

    Power Cables at the Best Price from Manufacturers in India

    Valuecon is a well popular manufacturer that delivers the cost-effectiveness you need without compromising on product quality. Our product ensures the most reliable, and of the highest quality that will perform at its very best. All Valuecon wires come with a conductor per meter guarantee. 

    Wire Cable At Best Price From Manufacturers in India 

    Valuecon offers wire cable at the best price from Manufacturers in India. The company offers transparent pricing that does not include any complicated channel of middlemen. Products that are offered to all the customers are at factory prices and even custom cables (desirable length, gauge, material, etc) through partner e-commerce channels. Get it without any hassle, and the best product for your needs is at your doorstep. 

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