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Wires and Cables surround us, concealed in walls through panels and conducting the electricity, without which we go back to the dark ages; the flowing electrons that are extremely vital, yet equally lethal. Wires and Cables, therefore, make a predominant factor in our existence and command an informed decision before buying them.

Here is a list of the top 10 House Wire Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, a comprehensive list of the best House Wire Companies.



Valuecon is a manufacturer and exporter of ISI and RDSO-approved electric wires and cables in India and delivering distinctive products that meet customer satisfaction for more than two decades. Valuecon is the Top House Wire Manufacturer in India in the Online - D2C Model. Valuecon’s highly advanced and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is situated at Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Valuecon Wires and Cables are produced using in-house processed special Three Layer PVC Compounds to produce Fire Retardant (FR), High Flame Resistant (HFFR), Low Smoke & Halogen (FR LSH), Anti-Rodent and Anti-Termite, and Non-Hygroscopic insulation to produce non-toxic & non-corrosive wires.


All Valuecon Wires come with a conductor per meter guarantee.

All Valuecon products have a description of the weight of the conductor per meter and every batch of product goes through a six-sigma quality control process to ensure that you get at least the amount of conductor per meter that’s branded on the product. Besides the quantity, the conductors are drawn from 99.97% electrolytic grade bare copper and then annealed and bunched together in unified strands to ensure there is absolute conductivity with no leakage. This is further ensured by three layers of in-house developed special PVC compounds formulated by careful study and processed using a state-of-the-art extrusion line. The insulation can withstand all external damages - such as from heat, flame (Fire Retardant and High Flame-Resistant Properties), termites, rodents, chemicals, oil, and water. This one of its kind PVC compound also prevents the wires from heating and by extension the dielectric loss - thereby saving electricity. 

Valuecon also offers transparent pricing. The marketing model of Valuecon stands out from other brands. Valuecon does not involve a complicated channel of middlemen. They offer factory prices and even custom cables (desirable length, gauge, material, etc.) to consumers through their partner e-commerce channel — Ensuring the least price in the market 

constant growth of Valuecon leads it as an emerging brand in the Indian market of house manufacturers in India.  


Established in 1996, Polycab India Limited is a player in the Fast Moving Electric Goods (FMEG) segment in India and is involved in manufacturing a wide variety of wires and cables such as PVC insulated Flexible Wires, Submersible Cables, Control Cables, Solar Cables, and more. Its Flagship product is House Wire, and it’s without a doubt one of the top House Wire Roll Manufacturers and suppliers in India.

In the house wire segment, Polycab catalogs the standard Flame Retardant (FR) Wires, which is their most economical product; FR Low Smoke Wires; FR Lead-Free Wires, and the flagship Polycab Green Wire, each priced higher than Flame Retardant (FR) Wires In.

The conductor in Polycab wires is drawn from electrolytic grade copper, annealed, and bunched together as per IS 8130:2013. The wires are insulated with three layers of FRLF PVC compound processed in high-speed extrusion lines and are designed to prevent, fire, leakage, and short circuit. All standard sizes are manufactured by Polycab.

USP: Polycab wires come with an assurance from the manufacturer of absolute conductivity, ensuring no leakage of current and assured electricity savings. and makes themselves a perfect fit for the best house wire manufacturers in India. 


Established in the year 1958, Havells started as a Home and Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer. In the late 1980s, Havells acquired a plant in Alwar, Rajasthan to manufacture wires and cables. With the legacy of the Havells brand, being one of the oldest house wire manufacturers and suppliers in India, Havells, rightfully claims its place in the list of top house wire companies in India. 

Havells Wires are made of 99.95% Bare Copper conductors and PVC insulation. Following the industry standards for single-core domestic wires, Havells House wires sustain a 1.1 KV Grade current as per IS:710 and are available in all standard sizes. Havells wires have rodent-resistant and anti-termite properties. Moreover, Havells wires are compliant with RoHS standards which means they are environment friendly

USP: Havells wires are made of S3 technology for higher conductivity and made from HRFR insulation material making it Heat Resistant to a certain temperature and Fire Retardant to ensure safety.



Founded in 1958, Finolex is One of India's oldest House Wire Roll Manufacturers & Suppliers, making it a household name in the market. Finolex wires come with nearly everything you’d expect from your wires. It has 5 manufacturing plants in India; Pimpri, Urse, Goa, and Roorkee. Finolex stands out of the crowd in the marketing of Wires and Cables. It has over 4000 channel partners and 30,000 dealers worldwide.

Available in all standard sizes and up to 1.1 VK grade, Finolex wires are manufactured using high-grade copper and a special grade PVC resin making Finolex wires fire retardant. Finolex wires are IS 694 compliant.

USP: Finolex claims that its wires and cables provide more than 100% conductivity.

RR Kabel

RR Kabel is a prominent brand in the electrical manufacturing sector that has been providing services to this industry for more than two decades. It produces close to 3000 metric tons of PVC-insulated cable every year and employs over 1000 staff members.

USP: RR Cables offers a range of domestic wires of different qualities so there is a product that fits your budget. One can buy ordinary PVC insulated wires, FR PVC insulated wires, FR HR PVC insulated and FR LHS insulated wires under the brand name of Ratnaflex Single-core cables


Rajdhani Cables

Rajdhani Cables is a player in industries and households FMEG products such as Control Panel, Telephone Armored, Un-Armored & Household Cables since 1972. Making it a long-standing underdog. Rajdhani Cables are made from PVC compound insulation and bright-annealed pure electrolyte copper bar. Rajdhani Cables are ISI, IS: 694/1990, IS: 1554 certified.

USP: Rajdhani wires and cables are made from UNIFY conductors and have no loose strands, ensuring that there is no loss of current carrying capacity due to the breakage of strands during the stripping of insulation and installation of cables.


V-Guard began its operations in the year 1996, V-Guard primarily strong-armed existing players in consumer durable electronics such as air coolers, fans, and pumps, delivering high-quality products at very strategic pricing. The flagship Voltage Stabilizer and USPs of V-Guard have stood out in the market for four decades dominating a 50% share of the market. V-Guard obtained ISO Certification for manufacturing PVC insulated Wires and Cables in the year 2000. The brand image of V-Guard owing to its dominance in the Voltage Stabilizer share of the industry helped catapult the market cap in other products including wires and cables

USP: Certified at 102% IACS, and low conductivity resistance, V-Guards best seller brand - CLASS- is completely moisture resistant and prevents corrosion of copper.


KEI Industries Ltd

Formerly known as Krishna Electricals Ltd., KEI specializes in High Tension (HT), Low Tension (LT), and Extra High Voltage (EHV) Power Cables. KEI generates most of its revenue from institutional projects, being a market dominator in Infra Projects, Urban Development Projects, and Housing for all projects. KEI is also one of the major exporters of power cables in India. This placement keeps KEI relatively an alien brand to everyday consumers from the retail sector looking to buy wires for their homes.
USP: The HomeCab Brand of Single Core PVC insulated Electrical Wires are resistant to high temperatures - with a nominal 85°C rating and can withstand boiling water and steam


Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. (Panasonic)

Anchor Electricals Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited, the Indian arm of Panasonic Corporation of Japan. Anchor Electricals was acquired in the year 2007. Anchor is the largest manufacturer of Switches (Modular and Non Modular) and Switch Gears in India, and has a sizeable share in the lights, fans, and, wires and cables market among other things.

USP: Anchor Building Wires are made from a patented - specially formulated PVC compound giving it flame retarding properties at molecular levels.


great white Electricals

Incorporated in the year 1994 by the group of promoters that pioneered the famous “piano switches” in 1963, Great White Electricals manufactures Electrical Wiring Devices (EWD), MCB, RCCB, Lighting & Luminaries, Modular and Non Modular Switches, Wires & Cables, and other Electrical Accessories at it’s Haridwar and Valsad Plants.

USP: The promoters of Anchor Group formerly owned Anchor Electricals exclusively before its takeover by Panasonic launched the Great White Electricals brand. Therefore, the wires and cables of Great White Electricals bear the same dependable quality as Anchor but at relatively moderate prices.  Therefore, consumers familiar with the brand pick GreatWhite for House wire at the best prices from manufacturers in India


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