Indiasells provides an incredible range of wires, cables, fire safety, and other home improvement products with uncompromised quality. We originate from the brand Valuecon which has been manufacturing and government contracting for a period of more than 25+ years. Indiasells is a D2C brand that sells products at minimum margins so that consumers get quality products at factory prices.
Our products adhere to the most stringent Quality guidelines and are strongly recommended by experts and product reviews. They are designed in the utmost exemplary ways to ensure that their accuracy and features are unrivalled. Their ease of their use and operation makes them suitable for beginners or advanced users. We have an in-house team of engineers from a variety of back grounds and multiple quality auditors on our panel who constantly evaluate the quality of the products to ensure that your product purchase is a satisfying experience. 



Indiasells have demonstrated the path to the future of power supply and wires buying. Although it feels unconventional to buy electricals online, it will go a long way in the years to come since it will make it super easy to purchase at very reasonable rates.

Sudeep Roy

Our team discovered VALUECON through indiasells.com. And VALUECON became a valued partner for electrical supplies. The quality of the material is at par with leading brands in India and the turnaround time is surprisingly quick.

Deependra Kumar

They provide support throughout, from getting the best quotes to material delivery at the sites at excellent lead time. We would highly recommend VALUECON and Indiasells for all the wires and cables needs

Prajwal Sengupta