Valuecon®️ 0.50 Single Core FR-LF PVC Insulated Flexible Copper Wire | Electric Connection House Wire | 90 Meters

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About this item

  • More than 4 Grams of 99.9% of pure copper (CPMG).
  • 90 meters of length - Guaranteed
  • 0.5 mm Nominal area of Conductor
  • 2.2 mm Overall Diameter (Approx.)
  • Maximum Resistance (up to 20° C) - 26 Ohms
  • High Insulation Resistance

Technical Specifications

Nominal Area of Conductor 0.5 Sqmm
Approx. Overall Diameter 2.2 mm
Current Carrying Capacity 7.0 Amps
Max. Resistance 26.0 Ohms
Total Weight 372 Grams

Valuecon House Wire 0.5 Sqmm

Make your home-sweet-home a safe home and set a seal on your family's safety from electric shocks, short circuits, and fires by buying VALUECON wires for your homes. Wires are critical to the safety of your house and your family. Buying wires should be an informed decision. VALUECON believes in 'glass box' branding, disclosing all the relevant details, which makes VALUECON a trusted brand among engineers and electricians. VALUECON 0.5mm wire is made from the highest quality material and designed carefully for sockets that power appliances up to 60W/5.0 Amp such as Smart Speakers, Mobile Charger, LED Bulbs, DVD Players, and Set-Top Boxes.

Get More Copper Than Other Brands

When it comes to conductivity, only silver is a more efficient metal than copper. This is why knowing the density of copper is important while buying house wires. However, most manufacturers make the density of copper a black box information. Not all companies disclose the weight of copper on their packaging and with utmost sincerity.

A lower density of copper and adulteration of copper with other metals such as aluminium reduces the cost of manufacturing at the expense of consumers. Our house wires are made of pure copper.

Get more COPPER PER METER than any other brand. With more than 4 GRAMS OF 99% PURE COPPER per meter, VALUECON 0.5 mm house wires provide at least 360 grams more copper than any other brand. CPMG gives our customers contentment with Quality and Satisfaction in choosing the Right Product.

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