Top 10 Fire Cable Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Fire Cable Manufacturers in India 

Cables are an important aspect of any industry. ValueCon offers a largest manufacturer of  fire cables, and wires, and produces a range of industrial cables. Fire cables are designed to maintain circuit integrity & continue to work for a specified period of time under defined conditions. The distinction between the two is crucial when it comes to maintaining critical circuits required for life safety or for a safe & immediate plant shutdown. 

Top 10 Fire Cable Manufacturers in India

  • Valuecon 

  • Valuecon is the trusted company that manufactures wires, and cables of all the domestic or industrial requirements. The company product is compatible for House wires, Power Cables, Submersible Cables, Telephone Wires, Solar & Battery Wires, etc. Valuecon is the Top House Wire Manufacturer in India in Online that offers highly advanced, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. 

    The marketing model of Valuecon stands out from other brands. Valuecon does not involve a complicated channel of middlemen. They offer factory prices and even custom cables (desirable length, gauge, material, etc.) to consumers through their partner e-commerce channel — Ensuring the least price in the market


    Fire Survival Cables are designed by Valuecon to maintain circuit integrity in high temperatures, and under direct fire. These cables are also called Circuit Integrity  Cables. It is best suited for installation in public, and commercial buildings to avoid electrical accidents that may lead to an uncontrolled fire. 


    PROPERTIES- Fire Resistance, Flame Retardant, Low Smoke & Toxic Gas Emissions, Zero Halogen Gasses, and Ease & Low Cost of Installation. 

  • Apar Industries Ltd

  • Apar is a trusted manufacturer & supplier of conductors, a wide variety of cables, specialty oils, polymers, and lubricants. Company focuses on consistently optimizing efficiency to ensure better costs for customers. 

    The fire cables feature a steel wire braiding, corrugated steel tape armor to provide mechanical strength. The cable features a steel wire to provide mechanical strength. It is protected in gel-filled loose tubes stranded around a central strength member, ensuring good performance, and long-life. 

  • Finolex Cables Ltd.

  • Finolex is India’s largest, and leading manufacturer of electrical, and telecommunication cables for the automobile industry. They build their reputation with quality manufacturers by upgrading technology, and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

    The fire cable is of superior quality, and gives trouble-free performance validation that is 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity for conductor. 

  • KEI Industries Ltd.

  • KEI offers cable, and wires that offer an extra high voltage, medium voltage, and low voltage power cables. The company has a wide range of flexible wires & electrical cables.

    KEI offers fire resistant cable that has been developed to maintain circuit integrity in a fire, and to ensure maximum safe evacuation of personnel with no detrimental effects like toxic gasses or smoke. The cable may be single-core\multi-core, unarmored\armored, braided, with or without metallic screened depending. 

  • Polycab India Ltds.

  • Polycab offers cable, and wires or allied products such as uPVC conduits, and lugs and glands. It has a range of cables, and wires that has a wide range of products like fans, switches, switchgear, and led lights. 

    Polycab fire survival cables are best for use in various applications. It has power supply, highly essential, and corrosive gas evaluation. The fire cables are tested in leading labs, and approved by many Indian public sector companies, and other industries. 

  • RR Kabel Ltd.

  • RR Kabel Ltd offers electrical, and copper industries that adapt with new innovations, and technology. The company desires to adapt with new innovations, and technology with a continuous pursuit of evolving technology. 

    This company's fire cables are used for connection with heat detectors, smoke detectors, emergency lights, exit sign boards, fire command centers, and fire security systems. These are armored cables used for power circuits in the fire panels. 

  • Universal cables Ltd.
  • Universal Cables Ltd is the largest cable manufacturing company that offers extra high voltage, medium voltage, control & instrumentation cables, power capacitors, and automatic power factor control. 

    This company's fire cables are used in fire alarm, smoke detectors, signaling, and fire protective circuits within a building, principally for power-ltd-fire-alarm circuits. The cables are used for fire resistance, and circuit integrity, and essentially to prevent life from smoke, and noxious fumes, and sensitive equipment. 

  • V-Guard Industries Ltd. 

  • V-Guard Industries Ltd offers voltage stabilizer to digital UPS, Inverter, and Inverter batteries, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, domestic pumps, and wiring cables. 

    V-Guard has superior fire cable that is equipped with triple layer insulation, and ensures enhanced electrical, and fire safety. It has triple layer insulation for better safety. This has the moisture guard and has high resistance to discoloration of copper conductors. 

    Fire Cable Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

    There are various Fire cable Manufacturers & Suppliers in India, some are as follows

    Metacab- Ghaziabad

    Silicone Electrical Cable- Valsad

    Black PVC & Copper Mining Cable- Ashok Vihar, Delhi

    PVC Flexible Cable- Chandni Chowk, Delhi

    2 Core Electric Wire Cable- Kalbadevi, Mumbai

    Inovance Power Cable 1-2 Kw, 4 Core 

    Top Fire Cable Companies in India

    The top Fire cable companies in India are Valuecon, Apar Industries Ltd, Finolex Cables Ltd, Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd, Havells India Ltd., KEI Industries Ltd. and many more. 

    Valuecon is the best brand for manufacturing of wires, and cable. The company is a trusted manufacturer of wires, and cables like building wires, industrial cable, co-axial cables, and control cables, etc. 

    Fire Cable Manufacturers Online India

    Valuecon is a well popular manufacturer that delivers the cost effectiveness you need without compromising on product quality. Our product ensures the most reliable, and of the highest quality that will perform at its very best. All Valuecon wires come with a conductor per meter guarantee. 

    Fire Cable At Best Price From Manufacturers in India 

    Valuecon offers transparent pricing that does not include any complicated channel of middlemen. Products that are offered to all the customers are at factory prices, and even custom cables (desirable length, gauge, material, etc) through partner e-commerce channels. Just get it without any hassle, and the best product for your needs at your doorstep. 

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