Infrared thermometer

non contact digital thermometer makes use of the infrared radiation from a surface the measures the temperature. The infrared radiation is absorbed and transferred into a thermopile where it is converted into heat. Then, a sensor detects the temperature to give you a reading.

Valuecon® is one of the best products in the market today as it is highly sensitive and can give you readings in just 1 second. It can be used to measure body temperature as well as the temperature of objects without any contact.

Benefits of Infrared Thermometer

It is a good idea to choose a Non Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer for home, offices or other public places, especially in the current scenario. The advantages of an infrared thermometer are:

  • Measurement of body temperature without direct contact.
  • Quick response time which measures temperature fast without holding up a queue.
  • It can be used to check the temperature of the food or other objects without direct contact
  • These thermometers are ideal and most convenient for checking the body temperature of children.
  • They are vital in monitoring the body temperature of patients with contagious diseases.


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