Wall Mount Digital Infrared Thermometer

After the Covid-19 outbreak, taking health precautions has become mandatory in every public place. In offices, factories, shopping malls and other spaces that have repeated walk-ins, using a handheld thermometer are not convenient. Choosing a wall-mounted digital infrared thermometer automatically checks the temperature of every individual who enters the space. 

This also means that you do not have to hire staff exclusively to monitor temperature and check for fevers. It is a 100% non-contact digital thermometer that is very easy to use.

How Do Wall Mount Digital Infrared Thermometers Work?

A wall-mount forehead digital thermometer can be placed at the entrance of any public digital infrared thermometer for place. This makes it the ideal digital infrared thermometer for a shopping mall, digital infrared thermometer for hospital, digital infrared thermometer for hotels, digital infrared thermometer for office lobbies, digital infrared thermometer for factory or any other space where people are walking in and out.

A person only has to approach the thermometer. The infrared radiation from the forehead is absorbed and sent to a sensor. The sensor detects the temperature and provides a reading instantly. 

When you buy a digital thermometer online, there are a few simple factors to consider:

  • Response Time: Today, you can get a digital thermometer online with a response time that is as low as 1 second. If you are considering a digital infrared thermometer for hotels or other large spaces, this is an important factor. You can avoid waiting time and long queues as the powerful sensors read the temperature in an instant.
  • Measuring distance: The measuring distance should be between 5 to 10cms. Such a digital infrared thermometer for a restaurant is able to detect an increase in temperature from a good distance.
  • Accuracy: The best digital infrared thermometer is one that has a good sensor. The accuracy that you can expect with modern wall mounted thermometers is up to 0.2°C. This makes the readings reliable to prevent any contamination or infection.
  • Memory: Storing data is useful in checking any trends among the groups that enter the space, especially in settings like an office with repetitive walk-ins.
  • Battery life: The longer the battery life, the more convenient it is to use. You do not have to recharge the batteries several times to make sure that the thermometer is fully functional when people begin to enter the space. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Wall Mounted Infrared thermometer

Choosing a digital thermometer online India that is wall mounted has several benefits:

  • No-touch testing: These thermometers are 100% zero contact. You do not have to carry out the tests yourself. In the case of highly contagious diseases like Covid-19, this is the best way to keep any chance of contamination at bay.  
  • Automatic Detection: A digital infrared thermometer is installed with sensors that are able to detect movement and take the reading instantly.  
  • Check trends easily: You can go back to previous readings with the press of a button. In case there are any specific trends in the temperature changes, it can be studied easily. With novel contagious diseases like Covid-19, these readings are vital in controlling the spread.

Valuecon Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometer

Valuecon is the best digital thermometer for fever checking. It is easy to use and can be bought conveniently by ordering online at www.indiasells.com. The portal offers several other associated products like a face mask, oximeter, and handheld infrared thermometers as well. 

This here is a great digital infrared thermometer for a factory, mall, as well as, your home. It comes with some of the latest features as mentioned below:

  • It comes with a quick response of 1 second
  • A 999 Memory capacity
  • It has an automatic human sensor.
  • The Measurement range is from 0° C to 50 ° C with a measuring distance of 5cms- 10cms.
  • The measurement accuracy is 0.2°C
  • It comes with a red-green LED alert and a beeper alarm to detect high temperature.
  • The LED Display provides up to 5-meter view.
  • It measures temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The 2000mAG rechargeable battery offers 1-week standby


The design is simple and stylish. It is easy to mount on the wall and is portable for any conferences and exhibitions. The energy-saving feature of this infrared thermometer makes it perfect for daily use.

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