Top 5 features of Good quality wires and cables

The purpose of electric wires and cables is to transmit electrical energy from one point to another so that it can be used for various purposes. It is important to remember that cables are designed based on national and international regulations, depending on their final application, their configuration can be different.

Cables and wires play a crucial role in our daily lives, ensuring that our devices run smoothly with a consistent flow of electricity.

The voltage of an electric cable is measured in volts and based on these measurements, they can be classified into categories that are given below:

  • Low voltage cables (up to 750 V): In a variety of applications, and with thermoplastic and thermoset coatings. They are built according to harmonized standards.
  • Low Voltage cables (up to 1,000 V): Various industries use low voltage cables (up to 1,000 volts) in the field of industrial power (general industry, public installations, infrastructures, etc.). The cables are designed according to international standards (UNE, IEC, BS, and UL) and they meet international safety standards.
  • Medium voltage cables (from 1 kV to 36 kV): As a general rule, these devices are used to supply electricity to transformer stations from electrical substations.
  • High voltage cables (from 36 kV): They are particularly useful in transporting electricity from generating plants to electrical substations, where they are used as a type of high voltage cable (from 36 kV).

 It would be impossible for some of the electric devices in our homes to function without the flawless transfer of electricity. In this regard, power is one of the most important things. There is no doubt that electrical wires should be treated with the utmost care in terms of safety. Any electrical system is built on the backbone of the ground wires and if they fail, they can lead to a fatal accident.

So, it is important to choose your wire with the suitability of your need and its functioning. Here in this blog, we are going to study the features of good-quality wires and cables.


Top 5 features of good quality wires and cables:

  1. Copper Vs Aluminium

There is no doubt that copper is a better conductor of electricity than any other metal. As far as non-precious metals are concerned, it has the highest electrical conductivity rating (100%). It is important to take into account three factors when considering conductivity. It consists of three components, namely the resistivity of the cable, its size, and its insulation. In comparison to copper, aluminum has only 61% of the conductivity of copper. There is no doubt that aluminum is cheaper and lighter in weight than copper, yet it is not the preferred choice when it comes to high-quality wires because it is heavier than copper. Valuecon is one of the best electric cable manufacturers, that provides top-quality wires and cables with copper conductivity.


                    Wire with Copper insulation
  1. Current Capacity of Cables

It is important to note that the current capacity of the wire varies with the depth at which the cables have been placed, as well as with the ground temperature or the air temperature. As a result, when choosing a power cable, it is fundamental to pick one that has a high degree of strength and quality. As a result, the wire will be able to withstand any and all conditions that may arise.

  1. Armour on electrical wires

In order to prevent physical damage to an electrical wire, a shield is used on it to protect the wire from any external forces. Generally, the cable is protected with steel wires or tape, both of which increase the cable's strength, making it resistant to any kind of physical damage that could affect it.

Valuecon provides armouring of galvanized steel that makes the wire strong and keeps damage free. Having these good quality wires and cables in place ensures your safety and the fact that you won't have to deal with frequent maintenance problems in the future.

  1. Fire and Water Resistant

When you think about a variety of electrical hazards that may occur when using a wire, safety is one of the closest attributes that come to mind. If you have poor wiring in your electrical appliances or industrial machinery, you may experience malfunctions or damage to your equipment. An electrocution or a fire accident caused by this may result in serious consequences for the user.


Top 5 features of good quality wires and cables


The wire you choose should be highly thermally stable and capable of withstanding high operating temperatures. In addition to the fact that they are insulated with PVC, these wires are incredibly reliable and they are resistant to different factors like fire, water, and the environment.

  1. Durability and Energy Efficiency

It is also important to consider the durability of the wire while purchasing. Using superior-grade copper wire in the manufacturing process means that it is extremely resistant to rust as well as pests that can attack it. You can also save money on your electric bill by using wires that are of high quality along with various energy-efficient technologies and copper properties.

Top 5 features for good quality wires and cables

Choose Valuecon, Choose Quality

Valuecon offers multiple types of wires and cables that meet all required standards. Wires and cables made by Valuecon come with all the features listed above. Unlike some other brands, Valuecon does not deceive customers and missell its products. All cables and wires manufactured by Valuecon conform with national and international standards, use high-quality material and EC grade conductors with a guaranteed conductor weight per meter (CPMG), True Gauge, and True Spec comparable with top brands such as Belden, Polycab, and Havells but at much more reasonable rates. They are strong and efficient, have galvanized steel armor, and come with a copper conductor of the highest quality. Valuecon is therefore the most promising brand on the market since it offers value to consumers at an affordable price. 

Contact Valuecon to buy these high-quality wires and cables at your doorstep!








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