What are Fire Rated - Fire Performance Cables/Fire Survival Cables ?

What are Fire Rated - Fire Performance Cables?

 fire resistant and fire performance cables, often also referred to as fire survival cables, fire-proof cables, or simply fire cables.

In public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, etc. and commercial premises such as manufacturing plants and offices where people are in more numbers, vital circuits are required to continue operations. In case of a fire breakout or a short circuit that results in fire, it becomes crucial that applications such as emergency lighting systems, elevators, fire alarms, water sprinklers, pumps, etc., continue their operation. Therefore, the cables powering these need to withstand fire for a definite period.

The way to make the cable safe from fire is to make it fire-resistant. So we improve its insulation and the properties of its insulation & jacket so that no matter what happens, it will not propagate the flames and will continue to supply power without interruption. Fire Performance Cables such as Fire Survival Cables and Fire Alarm Cables are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand fire and smoke for over 2 hours at up to 950° C

How XLPE-LSZH Fire Rated - Fire Performance cables can potentially save your life?

LSZH or Low Smoke and Zero Halogen cables are cables that are insulated with any kind of material that produces low smoke and fumes and emits zero halogen when burnt. Generally, Fire Performance cables ie., Fire Survival Cables and Fire Alarm Cables are insulated with PVC and XLPE that is LSZH in nature.
As PVC burns, it produces HCl almost quantitatively correlated to its chlorine content. Copper acts as a catalyst during the thermal decomposition of the PVC. The highly corrosive HCL binds with air and it can not only degrade the structure of the building but also is lethal for humans. Whereas, the XLPE-LSZH cables produce black smoke in relatively less quantum, which comparatively dissipates easily and does not contain Hydrogen Chloride Gas. It also poses a lesser choking hazard. These cables are also fire retardant. Which prevents fire from spreading through the conduit.
So in conclusion, these cables not only hold the integrity of the circuit to keep vital escape and fire control equipment working such as the escalator, the elevator and the fire alarm and fire fighting system, but also produces less smoke and no lethal or corrosive gasses.
Fire Performance Cables ensures the integrity of the circuit by maintaining the safety of people and property, and by helping to prevent fires, including electrical fires, as follows

  • Booster pump system
  • Rescue elevators
  • Water sprinkling system
  • Alarm hooters
  • Emergency lighting
  • Ventilation system
  • Fire & smoke detector system

What are the top Brands in India for Fire Alarm and Fire Survival Cables?


  • NoToFire Fire Alarm and Fire Survival  Cables : 

    Produced by Valuecon Pvt. Ltd., an upcoming brand of wires and cables,and marketed by NoToFire Pvt. Ltd.; India’s leading Indian DNA Addressable Fire Alarm System manufacturer, NoToFire Fire Alarm and Fire Survival cables are designed in accordance with all the leading international standards using the finest materials. The range of Fire Performance Cables includes armoured and unarmoured fire retardant -  fire alarm cables and fire survival cables.
  • Honeywell Genesis: 

    Genesis Series Cables are manufactured in Honeywell's North American cable plant and imported in India. A full range of applications is available with Genesis Series Cables including Alarm Security and Communication.
  • Polycab fire survival cable:

     In numerous indoor and outdoor applications where continuity of power supply is essential during a fire, Polycab fire survival cables (low smoke halogen free - LSHF) are suitable.
  • RR Kabel fire survival cable: 

    Built as per BS 7846, RR Kabel offers 600/1000V rated, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) armoured cable for circuit integrity circuit integrity.

  • Havells fire survival cable:

    The fire survival cables from Havells use annealed plain copper conductor, heat barrier over the conductor, cross-linked polyethylene, galvanised steel armour, and a zero halogen & low smoke (ZHLS) compound.
  • KEI Fire Resistant Cables: 

    Built in accordance with various IEC standards, KEI Fire Resistant Cables offers Fire resistance and Flame Retardant properties to maintain Long-term circuit integrity in a fire.

Why Should You Consider NoToFire Fire Alarm and Fire Survival Cables?

Often called circuit integrity cables, fire-proof cables, fire-survival cables, or simply fire cables, we supply a full range of fire-resistant and fire-performing cables. NoToFire has developed survival cables and fire alarm cables after extensive research. We manufacture fire performance cables that are specifically designed to deliver power and auxiliary control in fire alarm systems, voice alarm systems, and emergency lighting systems. These cables are designed to maintain circuit integrity during a fire, even when exposed to direct fire. These cables are not ordinary; these cables are crafted and thoroughly tested to survive in extreme conditions. The conductor is manufactured with a specially designed heat barrier and fire-resistant insulation, which prevents the conductor surface from heat.

NoToFire Fire Performance Cables Meets The International Standards for Uncompromised Safety

Our fire survival cables comply with all necessary industry and safety standards and the requirements of the British Standard, LPCB and the EN. NoToFire Fire Survival And Fire Alarm Cables are made with pure oxygen-free and annealed plain copper conductor, galvanized steel armour, and cross-linked polyethene Sheath. Additionally, LSZH compounds are used to make the insulation and the sheath. The LSZH - Low Smoke and Zero Halogen compound ensure that less smoke is emitted when the cables come in contact with fire, and there is a zero-emission of harmful gasses. The Fire Survival Cables Manufactured by NoToFire also consist of MICA over the conductor, which acts as a heat barrier to ensure that the conductor's surface is protected from heat.

NoToFire Fire Resistant Cables are thoroughly tested.

The NoToFire Circuit Integrity Cables are duly tested for their resistance through Fire Resistance Test, Smoke Density Rating, Halogen Gas Emission Test, Oxygen Index Test, and Flammability Test as per Swedish Chimney.

The cables used in these applications have unique properties like circuit integrity under fire at high temperatures, enhanced current carrying capacity due to high permissible conductor temperature, higher short circuit capacity, resistance to overheating, light in weight, easy to handle and installation, low smoke density, reduced environmental opacity in the event of a fire, no chance of emission of toxic and corrosive gases, safe for humans, and negligible emission of harmful and toxic gases.

Final Verdict

There are many advantages to investing in fire survival cables, especially for buildings or structures that see a high concentration of people on a daily basis. Fire survival cables are designed to resist fires and continue the transmission of power and signals for a set amount of time, anywhere from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. This can help limit fire propagation and reduce fumes and gases that can cause severe damage and loss of human life. Cables are often overlooked as potential fire hazards, but they can be a critical vehicle for fire transmission. This is because they run for long periods, even in vertical ducts that could act as chimneys and spread the fire to other areas. NoToFire uses high self-extinguishing materials and realizes constructive solutions that contrast the flame propagation. Its FS cables have LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheaths with high self-extinguishing characteristics and emit lesser fumes without halogens (corrosive gases). So, on the whole, NoToFire Fire Survival Cables and Fire Alarm Cables are the best bet to deal with fire outbreaks responsibly.


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