Top 10 Electric Cables Manufacturers in India

Everything today has become digital, but what can’t be digital is connections. Cables and wire connections. Wires have a vital role in our lives, whether in houses or commercial places. Wires connections or cables are essential, what else is important, is to use a trustable brand for safety measures. Many Electric Cable manufacturers or brands are available in India, which makes it tricky to choose one brand. None of us easily trust any new brand in the market when it comes to our safety, we don’t switch frequently when it comes to wiring and cable connections. As there are many electric cable manufacturers in India, we’ve listed the Top 10 in India, based on some parameters like net worth, customer base, establishment manufacturing facility, etc. 

Electric cable manufacturers

Top 10 electric cable manufacturers in India:

  • KEI Limited (1968)

KEI Limited is one the oldest and most trusted brands among electric cable manufacturers. KEI deals in different quality cables like LOW Tension cables, HIGH Tension Power cables, etc. apart from India KEI has manufacturing facilities in Dubai, Singapore South Korea, and Kazakhstan. 

KEI provides its services in many areas like Railways, fertilizers, real estate, etc. In India, KEI has its headquarters in Delhi. Other than this, their four other power plants in India are located in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), Silvassa (Dadra and Nagar Haveli), and Pathredi (Rajasthan).

  • Polycab India Limited (1968) 

Polycab India Limited deals in different types of cables and wires like power cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, multicore cables, communication cables, and control cables. Polycab manufacturers have 22 manufacturing facilities in India and have a huge customer base. 

Polycab has been the most trustable brand in wiring and cable facilities. Apart from this manufacturing image, Polycab maintains its other moral image too, Polycab has also contributed to societal values, they have provided medical insurance to people from below the poverty line, provided subsidized medicines, treatments, etc. 

top 10 electric cable manufacturers

After this image and contributions to society, we have Polycab on our list of best electric cable manufacturers. 

  • Finolex Cables Limited (1958)

Finolex is one of the renowned and popular brands in the Cable and wiring industries. With more than 4,000 channel partners and 30,000 dealers worldwide, Finolex Cables Limited falls on our list of best electric cable manufacturers. 

Finolex wires promise high-quality electric wires to their customers in both houses and commercials. Finolex cables limited have 5 high-tech manufacturing facilities in  Pimpri, Urse, Goa, and Roorkee. 

  • RR Kabel (1995)
top 10 electric cable manufacturers

RR Kabel is one of the oldest and most trustable brands in the electrical manufacturing sector, RR Kabel is one of them. RR Kabel has manufacturing facilities in Silvassa, DNH, and Waghodia – Gujarat. RR Kabel has a manpower of over 1000 employees and they claim over 25% growth every year, which makes RR Kabel one of the best Electric Cable Manufacturers in India. 

  • Valuecon (2019)

Valuecon, one of the most demanding and emerging brands in the industry, has settled itself in the list of top electric cable manufacturers in India. Valuecon deals in various cables and wire types like speaker cables, house wires, wire types for commercials, and many others. Anything you are looking for in wires or cables you will find here. 

electric cable manufacturers

Valuecon also deals in fire alarms and fire safety products too. Valuecon has a prominent customer base with Indian Railways, ISRO, and ADANI. Apart from this, Valuecon is known for its promising nature, which leads them to markable growth every year

  • Prime Cable Industries Ltd. (1997)

Prime Cables is not an old cable manufacturing brand in India but, with its high-quality insulated cables, Prime cables have made its stand in the Cable and wire industries. 

Prime cables have promising fire-resistant wires, Climate protection, and fine-quality cables.

  • V-guard Industries Pvt. Ltd. (1996)

V-guard is one of the most promising Electrical brands in India. With the strength of more than 1000 employees and modern-class equipment, V-guard delivers high-quality stores and world-class wires. 

top 10 electric cable manufacturers

Like Polycab wires, V-guard has also contributed to society. V-guard provides ambulance services to the government and also helps NGOs by providing them with good funding. 

  • KEC International Limited (1959)

KEC is knowns for its never compromising behavior in terms of its services and products. It's one of the oldest and most trustable brands in the industry. KEC has its headquarters in Mumbai, other than this KEC International has manufacturing facilities in Mysore and Vadodara. 

KEC International provides high-quality insulated cable and wires, that enhance their growth by 20 percent every year, also include themselves in our list of best electric cable manufacturers in India. 

  • Havells India Ltd. (1958) 

Almost every Indian house is occupied by havells. Havells promises that their cables or wires will never catch fire and guarantees that their wires are made of good quality PVC insulation. Havells has this much customer base that 97 percent sale of its total production is in India itself and left 3 percent is outside of the country. 

top 10 electric cable manufacturers

Havells has its manufacturing unit in Alwar (Rajasthan) and produces over 70,000 km of Cable every year. With this huge or mass customer base, we have included Havells India in our list of Topmost electric cable manufacturers in India. 

  • Sterlite Technologies ltd. (2000)

Sterlite power transmission limited, formerly known as Sterlite technologies ltd. is one of the trustable brands in the industry. Sterlite Technologies has manufacturing facilities in Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Apart from its Indian base, Sterlite Technologies also has its manufacturing facility in Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo. That makes Sterlite Tech. Falls in our list of best Electric cable Manufacturers in India. 

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