How to get Cost Effective cables and Wires

How to get Cost Effective cables and Wires?

Before looking for cost effective cables and wires, make sure you DO NOT FALL IN THE TRAP to buying lower gauge copper wire. Go only for CPMG – The Copper Per Meter Guarantee.

A 10% reduction in gauge is equal to 30% less money value of copper.

Even an insignificant reduction in copper gauge will result in a minimum loss of 10% your money. Of course not to mention the wire would carry significantly less current. Remember, copper is over 90% cost of the wire while PVC insulation and packaging is under 10%.

One easy way is to buy renowned registered BIS approved brands like Polycab, Havells, Valuecon, Finolex, etc. These brands guarantee proper gauge copper wire and top quality insulation even though these have 25% plus pricing premium. Here's how you can still save while buying full quality wire and cables.

5 Tips to buying Quality Cables and Wires at Cost Effective Prices:-

5 Tips to buying Quality Cables and Wires at Cost Effective Price

  1. Look for direct Manufacturers. Look for Factory to Consumer websites, such as-
    1. Indiasells - Wires and Cables

    2. Amazon

    3. Flipkart

    *Compare prices before you buy.*
  2. Plan a month in advance. This will help you save upto 30% by buying directly from Manufacturer. 
  3. Demand CPMG (Copper per Meter Guarantee). Remember, Copper is 90% the cost of any cable or wire. 
  4. Buy Cut-To-Length (CTL) Cable to match your cable needs. Do not buy a full length roll if you don’t require that much of length of the cable. Statistically, 30% of the cable / wire goes to waste or taken free by installer / electricians. You can buy CTL - Cut to Length wires and cables at or
  5. Plan your wiring map and utility connection such as Telephone wire cable, Solar Cable, DC Cable, Door Bell alarm wire/ Hidden HDMI cord for TV, CCTV wire cable, intercom wire, Internet wire, Balcony Sound, Light & Fan connections wire other mandatory wires which people usually forget to plan and later results in wires hanging around the rooms and costs more money. A list of utility cables and wires to be planned ahead of construction can be found at Indiasells.
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