Valuecon 120 3.5 Core Aluminium Armoured Power Cable

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Length (Meter): 25
Brand: Valuecon
Price (excl. GST):
Rs. 12,830
GST @18 % Inclusive Price: Rs. 15,139.40
Rs. 18,225
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ISI (7098) Approved and IS: 8130 standards

Resistant to vibrations, heat, and hot impact.

Ideal applications: Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, and Chemical operations

Tensile Strength - 1.92 KG/sq mm

Up to 300-500% Elongation

Allows easy jointing & termination

Materials used: High-grade Aluminium and Copper Conductors

Insulation Material:  Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) for Outer Jacket and PVC

Reduced the installation cost due to lightweight dimensions

Non-Migration of Compound allows vertical installation

High Emergency overload withstand capacities - resilient up to 1300° of temperature


Product Description

The Valuecon 120 3.5 Core Aluminium Armoured Power Cable has a broad array of applications - residential, commercial, and industrial enterprises for underground and overhead transmission at upto 100 V transmission. The sizes of Valuecon XLPE/PVC Low Transmission power cables vary from 0.50 sq. mm to 1000 sq. mm for multiple purposes.

The Non-Hygroscopic XLPE insulation makes the cables 100 times more resistant than PVC cables and allows to withstand damage from moisture.

Galvanised Aluminium and Iron Armouring extend the durability of the cable and make it pliable & rugged, and easy to install in low manoeuvrability areas.

The extensive R&D and quality control measures ensure minimal electricity loss, better immunity against corrosive exposures such as electrolytes, moisture, chemicals & oils, and high flame-resistant properties.

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