Valuecon Digital Oral Thermometer - Fast And Accurate Reading

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Valuecon digital thermometer provides a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. It eliminates any worries about broken glass or mercury hazards. From the manufacturer digital thermometer for oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement calibration: starts with the display showing in °C on the item.


  • VALUECON Digital thermometer for fever, with an accurate and fast reading. instant thermometer for fever, body, rectal and underarm.
  • Without mercury digital thermometer, making it safer than older thermometers
  • Auto power-off option, in the case someone forgets to switch off the thermometer the thermometer gets switched off automatically
  • Beep sound for when the reading is complete and beep sound continues if the reading is high
  • Comes up with thermometer, battery and thermometer instructions. Thermometer is in Celsius.


Measurement Range : 32—¦C - 42—¦C

Low Temperature Display : <32—¦C  Display L—¦C

High Temperature Display : >43—¦C

Display : H—¦C

Accuracy : ‰ ±0. 1—¦C

Battery : AG3 or LR41

Operating Conditions

Temperature : 10—¦C-40—¦C;

Humidity : 30% - 85% RH

Storage Conditions

Temperature : 10—¦C-40—¦C;

Humidity : 25% - 90% RH

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