A1162 Proreact Analogue Control Unit (Self Programmable) Notofire


Brand: notofire
Usage/Application: Industrial
Approved: RDSO UL
Price (excl. GST):
Rs. 69,999
GST @18 % Inclusive Price: Rs. 82,598.82
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• Alarm & Prealarm temperature from 54°C (129°F) ­ 100°C (212°F)
• Up to 500m (1640ft) continuous length (Max. 500m/1640ft per zone)
• Alarm hot­spot 3% of zone length
• Analog Sensing
• Separate Alarm & Pre-alarm outputs
• Alarm if controller internal temperature reaches 100°C (212°F)
• No nomograms or other scales to interpret
• Simple 3 step installation 1. Measure Calibration Resistance 2. Select Alarm Temperature 3. Download Settings
• All alarm temperatures available overall zone lengths
• Increased maximum ambient temperature operation overall zone lengths
• Ambient temperature compensation maintains alarm temperature accuracy
• Calibration resistance eliminates require to know zone length
• Self­Restorable after fire event up to 125°C (257°F)
• Flexible cable for easy mechanical installation
• Short Circuit Discrimination
• Reliable signaling of open and short circuit conditions
• Remote RESET input • Compatible with all central control panels
• Extrusion and Braiding options to satisfy both mechanical and environmental conditions 

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