NF5163 Addressable Smoke Detector Notofire


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Product Details

NF5163 Intelligent Combinaton Heat/Photoelectric Smoke Detector is consisted of smoke sensing and semi-conductor temperature sensing parts in processing and circuitry. The detector has the advantages of both photoelectric smoke detector and rate of rise and fixed temperature heat detector. Just because of the combinaton technology of smoke detector and hoat detector, it overcomes the non-sensitvity to dark smoke partcles of ordinary scatering type photoelectric detectors. It can also pick up fire with obvious rise of temperature such as alcohol fire, thus extending the applicaton range. With novel structure and atractve appearance, the detector has stable and reliable performance and high damp-proof ability. It is suitable for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, school, Colleges, buildings, warehouses, power plants, etc.

  • The detector can be addressed in field by using Hand-held Encoder, easy and reliable for commissioning.
  • Single chip uses real-tme sampling and data processing system.
  • Temperature and humidity drit compensaton, dust accumulaton degree and fault detecton functon.
  • Self-diagnostc functon.
  • Non-polarized signal 2-wire.


Product Specification

Brand Notofire
System Components Smoke Detectors
Type Fully Automatic
Usage/Application School and Office
Alarm Sensor Type Optical
Power Source Electric
Body Material Plastic
Color White
Model Name/Number NF5163
Dimensions 100x51 mm(DxH)
Weight 110g
Operating Voltage 24V
I Deal In New Only
Standard EN54
Country of Origin Made in India
Approvals LPCB
Operating Current 0.3mA
Indicator Red Flashes When Polling
Coding Method Electronically Coding
Monitoring Area 6 Meter
Wiring Non-Polarized Signal 2-Wire
Mounting Hole Distance 60 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Piece

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