Addressable Input-Output l/O Module- NF5263 Notofire


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Brand Notofire
Model Name/Number NF5263
Product Weight 147g
Operating Voltage 24V
Operating Current 0.2mA
Indicator Flash Ehen Polling
Coding Electrically Coding
Wiring Connected With Fire Alarm Control Panel
Output Current 220mA
Material ABS
Color White

NF5263 single I/O module (short as module), is designed to connect with linkage devices of fire alarm control panel, such as exhaust valve, air valve, fire damper etc., and can receive feedback  

• Actve and passive output.
• Line detectng functon for input and output. • Input terminal is set as normal open             detectng functon connected with passive           contract.
• Electronically coding, pre-coded by hand-       held encoder, making constructon                 commission easy and reliable.
• Plug-in structure for wire and grounding         base makes it reliable and easy for contact     and installaton

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