Valuecon 6 Sq. mm 4 Core Aluminium Armoured Power Cable


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With applications ranging from residential, commercial, and industrial enterprises for underground and overhead transmission at upto 100 V transmission, Valuecon XLPE/PVC Low Transmission power cables are available in 0.50 Sq. mm., 0.75 Sq. mm., 1 Sq. mm., 1.5 Sq. mm., 2.5 Sq. mm., 4 Sq. mm., 6 Sq. mm., 10 Sq. mm., 16 Sq. mm., 25 Sq. mm., 35 Sq. mm., 50 Sq. mm., 70 Sq. mm., 95 Sq. mm., 120 Sq. mm., 150 Sq. mm., 185 Sq. mm., 240 Sq. mm., 300 Sq. mm., 400 Sq. mm., 500 Sq. mm., 630 Sq. mm., 800 Sq. mm., 1000 Sq. mm. for a wide range of uses. Our XLPE/PVC LT cables are made from High-Grade Aluminum and Copper conductors conforming to the IS : 8130 standards. The insulation material is made from Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) for Outer Jacket and PVC derived from in-house produced special grade PVC compound through the extrusion process. Our extensive R&D and quality control measures ensure that all our XLPE LT power cables have minimal loss of electricity, better resistance to most corrosive exposures such as electrolytes, moisture, chemicals & oils, and high flame-resistant properties for long life. 

Construction of PVC / XLPE CABLES

  • CONDUCTOR: Conductors are made from electrolytic grade aluminum/copper conforming to 1S: 8130, and are compact circular or compact shaped
  • INSULATION: XLPE Cables are specially made from high-grade cross-linked polyethylene and special Grade PVC is used in the extrusion process.
  • INNER SHEATH: PVC/LD Tape is used for laying up of Core.
  • ARMOURING: Round Wire or Flat Strip is used of Galvanised Iron & Aluminium
  • OUTER SHEATH: Special PVC Sheath of Special ST2 Grade is Used for XLPE Cable & STI Grade for PVC Cable.


  • Ideal for applications to withstand processes of mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical operations.
  • Can withstand vibrations, heat, and hot impact.
  • High Tensile Strength - 1.92 KG/mm² 
  • Up to 300-500% Elongation 
  • The Non-Hygroscopic XLPE insulation in our cables makes it immune to damage from moisture; 100 times more resistant than PVC cables.
  • Non-Migration of Compound allows vertical installation
  • Galvanised Aluminium and Iron Armouring prolong the life of the cable and make it pliable & rugged, and easy to install in low maneuverability areas. 
  • Reduced the installation cost due to lightweight dimensions. 
  • High Emergency overload withstand capacities - resilient up to 1300° of temperature
  • Minimal dielectric losses
  • Allows easy jointing & termination

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