Three Core Flat Flexible Industrial Cable For Submersible Pump Motors, 1100 Voltage Grade


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Valuecon® 3 Core flat submersible cable is specially made to provide current to submersible pumps which are installed very deep under the surface of earth. This cable is designed to perform well and last longer under the harsh conditions under the surface.


The conductor used is multi-strand electrolytic grade copper for wire of highest purity of 99.97%. The conductors are fully annealed into a compact, cohesive and uniform conductor with extra flexibility and conductivity more than 100%.


Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated REACH and RoHS FR PVC compound that has high insulation resistance, thermal stability and a high degree of flexibility.


It protects the insulated core which are laid flat parallel from mechanical damage.

Three Core Flat Flexible Industrial Cable For Submersible Pump Motors, 1 100 Voltage Grade
Nominal Area of Conductor
Overall Dimensions
Max. Conductor Resistance
at 20°C (Max.)
Current Carrying Capacity at 40°C
Number/ Size of Wire for
each Core
Thickness (Norn.)
Core Dia. (Norn.)
Width Thickness
sq. mm mm mm mm (Nom.)mm (Nom.)mm Ohm/Km Amps.
2.5 50/0 25 0.9 3.9 14.6 6.4 7.98 18
4 56/0.30 1 4.65 17.2 7.4 4.95 26
6 84/0.30 1 5.3 18.7 7.9 3.3 31

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