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vaValuecon is among pioneer battery cables manufacturers in India that prepare custom battery cables batches for the clients. Flexible battery connection applied in automotive, marine, commercial, and industrial applications use premium quality flexible battery cables, copper tube terminals, and battery terminals. All terminations are sheathed with waterproof heat-shrink sleeves that make the battery lads and connector cables ideal for marine applications.

Battery cables are used in automotive equipment by leading vehicle manufacturers. The cables fabricated at Valuecon unit are prepared from electrolytic grade, bunched, bright annealed, bare copper conductors. These are insulated with a special grade polyvinyl composite compound that is formulated and created by in-house team. This PVC material is resistant to water, petrol, acids, diesel and other lubricating oils and grease, hence, called PVC insulated battery cables.

Technical Specification:

Voltage Rating : Max. 200V

Test Voltage : 1000 Volts

Temperature Range : -40°C to +90°C

Cable Construction

Annealed Bare copper strands
Conductor Bunch
Thermoplastic Elastomer Vulcanizate


Acid Resistance Test : In sulphuric acid of specific gravity 1.28 at a temperature of 160°C to 210°C and check the cable after 60 hrs.
No effect on insulation. Insulation free from deformation and shrinkage.
Chemical Resistance : Water, petrol, acids, diesel and other lubricating oils and grease.

Cross-Section (mm²)
No. of Strands Max. Strand Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter (max.) (mm) Max. DC Conductor Resistance at 200C (Ω/km)
25 816 0.2 11.1 0.78
35 1144 0.2 12.8 0.554
50 1662 0.2 14 0.386
70 2346 0.2 16 0.272
95 3050 0.2 18 0.206

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