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Valuecon is one of the most prominent Coaxial Cable Manufacturers from India. We offer high-quality Co-Axial Cables that are known for its durability and strength. These flame resistant coaxial wires are available in different types such as RG-59, RG-6, RG-11, etc. are designed in compliance with the industry defined norms of quality.

Coaxial cables are like copper cables. They are majorly used by cable television companies between user homes, businesses, and the community antenna. Telephone companies also use coaxial cables from their regional office. These cables are also installed in commercial Ethernet and other local area networking. They can transmit any information for a long distance. Moreover, coaxial cables are used when it comes to the radio transmission lines for frequency signals to connect the radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, internet connections, and connection cable signals.

Types: Range: RG 59, RG 6, RG 11

For Transmission of Audio and Video Signals and in CCTV Systems.

Diameter of inner conductor(mm.) 1.02 1.63 0.8
Diameter over dielectric(mm.) 4.6 7.24 3.66
Nominal overall diameter(mm.) 6.9 10.3 6
DCR at 20°C (Nominal) (Ohm/km) 22 8.5 35.5
Nominal capacitance (pF/M) 53.1 53.1 53.1
Nominal impedance(ohm) 75 75 75

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