Battery Operated LED Flashing Tail Lamp For Railway Vechicles


Price (excl. GST):
Rs. 2,999
GST @18 % Inclusive Price: Rs. 3,538.82
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Weight 680 g*
Dimensions  20.6×12×11.5 cm
Material ABS (Grade 700)
Battery Qty Four Batteries
Colour Post Office Red
Battery Type





Technical Specification

No Of Flashes Per Second

2+10% for Foggy Weather

< 4 for  Normal Weather

Pulse Duty Cycle

>38% for Foggy  Weather

 > 20%  for  Normal  Weather

Rated Voltage Volts
Minimum Operating Voltage  2.7V
Minimum lllumination Mesured at 1.5m Axial Direction 110 LUX
Radiating Area
Dispersion Angle 4° to

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