VALUECON 2.5 sq mm Single Core PVC Insulated Flexible Copper Wire | IS 694:2010 Approved | LEAD-FREE | 99.9% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Cables| CPMG

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Make your home-sweet-home a safe home and set a seal on your family's safety from electric shocks, short circuits, and fires by buying VALUECON wires for your homes. VALUECON are manufacturers of high-quality wires with bench-mark standards ensuring that each strand of wire is made from high-grade copper. The conductors have the highest quality PVC insulation.
VALUECON provides a high fire resistance wire for your house that is resistant to damage from termites, rodents, oil, and water. With more than 21 Grams of 99.9% pure copper - the Copper Per Meter Guarantee (CPMG)  - you are getting more copper per meter than any other brand on the market. CPMG assures Quality and Satisfaction to our consumers so that the consumers get value for their money. VALUECON wire is perfect for all applications such as Distribution Boards, Large TV's Air Fryer and Clothes Dryer with a consistent supply of power without any breakdowns.  VALUECON wires are made from a double-layer flame retardant lead-free material. VALUECON 2.5 mm wire comes with a 0.30mm Gauge Check. VALUECON wires are certified to carry current up to a capacity of 1.1 KV (1100V), making it a certified choice and a trusted brand of engineers and electricians.
VALUECON wires come with a CE marking and a 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 ISO certification. VALUECON wires are ISI certified (IS:694) and ROHS compliant. At VALUECON, we ensure that we meet the highest production standards so that the quality is not compromised. This VALUECON wire comes with a guaranteed 90 meters and 2.5 sq. mm. length.

More Features about Valuecon Wires

  • More than 21 Grams of 99.9% of pure copper (CPMG).
  • 90 meters of length - Guaranteed
  • 2.5 mm Nominal area of Conductor
  • 3.5 mm Overall Diameter (Approx.)
  • 0.30 mm Gauge Check
  • Weight - 1.949 Kg
  • Maximum Resistance (upto 20° C) - 7.41 Ohms
  • High Fire Resistant, Oil & Water Resistant, Termite Resistant, and Anti-Rodent 
  • Stamp Measurement
  • Upto 1.1 KV (1100V) Certified


Havells House Wires are made of 99.95% Bare Copper Conductor and PVC insulation. These wires are built for circuits up to 1.1 KV Grade as per IS:710 and are available in all standard sizes. Havells wires are anti-termite and ant-rodent and compliant with RoHS standards to reduce the impact on the environment. 
USP: Havells wires are made of S3 technology for higher conductivity and made from HRFR insulation material making it Heat Resistant up to a certain temperature and Fire Retardant to ensure safety. 


The conductor in Polycab wires is drawn from electrolytic grade copper, annealed, and bunched together as per IS 8130:2013. The insulation material is made from in-house developed Fire Retardant and Leadfree PVC compound processed in high-speed extrusion lines and triguard technology to prevent, fire, leakage, and short circuit. All standard sizes are manufactured by Polycab.
Polycab wires come with an assurance from the manufacturer of absolute conductivity, ensuring no leakage of current and assured electricity savings.


Available in all standard sizes and upto 1.1 KV grade, Finolex wires are manufactured using high-grade copper and a special grade PVC resin making Finolex wires fire retardant. Finolex wires are IS 694 compliant.
USP: Finolex is one of the oldest brands of wires and cables in India, making it a household name in the market.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews Write a review

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