Loop Isolator- NF5260 Notofire


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Brand Notofire
Model Name/Number NF5260
Dimensions 86x86x41 mm(LxWxH)
Color White
Material ABC
Operating Voltage 24V
Operating Current 1000mA
Mounting Hole Distance 60mm
Ingress Protection IP30

Product Details

NF5260 loop isolator, is mainly adopted for the connecton of loop bus connected fire alarm system, whose partal short circuit may impact the whole system. The isolator is capable of isolatng short circuited line from the system which ensures normal operaton of other parts and locatng isolated part.


• Polarized connecton with peripheral devices and no need to trans- -fer connecton of input and output
• Delayed power supply to output terminal devices will avoid over load or strong transient current.
•Plug-in structure.
•Standard: EN54-17:2005

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