Valuecon®️ 6.00 Single Core FR-LF PVC Insulated Flexible Copper Wire | Electric Connection House Wire | 90 Meters

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Product Specifications


More than 50 Grams of 99.9% of pure copper (CPMG).

IS 694:2010 Approved Cables

Fire Retardant Lead-Free Insulation

Tripple Layer PVC Insulation

95 meters in length (With Printed Indication) - Guaranteed


Nominal area of Conductor

6.0 mm

Overall Diameter (Approx.)

4.5 mm

Maximum Resistance (upto 20° C)

3.30 Ohms



Maximum current

52.00 amps

Cable type

Single Core, PVC Insulated, Copper Wire, Electric Connection

Contact material


Finish type



 CE marking, 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 ISO certification, ISI certified (IS:694) and ROHS compliant.

Date of First Availability: ‎

8 March 2022





Item part number ‎

Cable wire-1108-Red

Country of Origin



Product Description

6.0 sq mm house wires are made with more than 50 GRAMS OF 99% PURE COPPER per meter and provide more copper per meter than any other brand on the market.

VALUECON wires come with glass-box branding, enclosing all the necessary details, thus uplifting the brand’s worth of trust. VALUECON 6.0 sq mm wire with 0.30mm Gauge Check is specially designed for power flow up to a capacity of1.1 KV (1100V). Smart Speakers, Mobile chargers, LED bulbs, and DVD players are the primary areas of application, without breakdown and unperturbed power supply.

CPMG label guarantees the product's quality standard and ensures customer satisfaction.


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