Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector : Home Safety Kit Offer | Battery-Operated and Completely Wireless Stand Alone Fire Protection Kit

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Product Description:

NOTOFIRE Independent Smoke Detector | Battery Operated High Sensitivity Wireless Smoke Alarm (Photoelectric) | Standalone Fire Safety Sensor for Home, Kitchen, Factory, Office.

Product Details And Functionality :

Smoke alarms play a vital role in providing your family and home with the protection needed to avert a disaster in case of fire. NOTOFIRE® NF111 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is a completely wireless and standalone smoke detector. Since it is an independent - battery-operated - fire detector, it can be installed easily by yourself with some screws in the ceiling or roof. We recommend installing at least one smoke detector or fire alarm in every room. NF111 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm comes with a 9V lithium battery with a service life of 10 Years. This smoke alarm also comes with a safety test button to test the smoke alarm periodically. It also rings a warning alarm for low battery. NOTOFIRE® NF111 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm sounds the alarm at 85 dB as per the recommendation of NFPA. NOTOFIRE® NF111 Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has a highly sensitive omnidirectional optical chamber and it works on photoelectric principles. This means it is highly responsive, especially in the case of smouldering fires, and does not contain any radioactive substance. So it is an environment-friendly smoke sensor.

NotoFire Smoke Detector Features: 

  • Power: DC9V replaceable battery with 10 Year Lifetime
  • Standalone (Independent) Photoelectric Type Smoke Detector
  • Alarm Volume : 85dB (A) at 3 meters.
  • Low battery Warning Feature
  • Test Button for Easy Periodic Testing
  • Omnidirectional Optical Chamber with High Sensitive Photoelectric Sensor
  • Operation Current: <10uA(standby), <30mA(alarm)

Product Description:-

The NoToFire© NF-211 Carbon Monoxide Alarm is equipped with a powerful electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that uses “Sixth Sense Technology.

The NoToFire© Carbon Monoxide detector work on the accurate and quick response for the earliest warning of the presence of Carbon Monoxide in the premise. This carbon monoxide sensor has a long lifespan of 7 years. Based on the functional status of the co-detector, the infused LED indicator will exhibit different colours to notify you (the green indicates normal operation, while the red indicates an alarm condition, and the yellow indicates a fault state). This carbon monoxide detector is capable of emitting an 85-decibel when carbon monoxide levels are detected at high levels. This powerful carbon monoxide detector comes with 1.5 V AA batteries to power the alarm for 24/7 protection even during power outages. Carbon monoxide CO is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths, yet many people are unaware that they are suffering from CO poisoning until it's too late. Since symptoms of CO poisoning are like the flu, you might not even realize you're in danger at first. That's why a carbon monoxide alarm is a great way to protect your family.


Features Notofire NF-211 CO Alarm - carbon monoxide detector : 


  •  The NoToFire© NF-211 carbon monoxide detectors use advanced electrochemical “Sixth Sense Technology” sensors, which give you the earliest possible warning of CO threat.
  • The CO detector is powered by 2 replaceable 1.5 V AA batteries with a 7-year sensor life; which provides 24/7 protection even during power outages.
  • The carbon monoxide alarm will start at a lower alarm volume (85dB) if the CO alarm warning is triggered. It will prevent people to be scared suddenly by a loud alarm sound.
  • Based on the functional status of the co detector, the LED indicator will exhibit differing colours to notify you (the green indicates normal operation, the red indicates an alarm state, and the yellow indicates a fault).
  • The Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm design of the test function by pressing the test button, used to test the product is working normal and easily mute the alarm when a false alarm occurs. A weekly test is required.

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