Addressable Sounder Strobe


Product Type: NF5266 Addressable Sounder Strobe
Price (excl. GST):
Rs. 3,599
GST @18 % Inclusive Price: Rs. 4,246.82
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Brand Notofire
Material Plastic
Usage/Application Industrial
Body Material Plastic
Color Red
Model Name/Number NF5266
Weight 200g
Dimensions 140x115x55 mm(LxWxH)
Indoor Application Type A
Ingress Protection Rating IP21C
Standard EN54 30
Basic Flashing Frequency 2Hz

NF5266 Addressable Sounder Strobe adopts four wires, connectng to the fire alarm control panel, mainly installed in public places. It generates a kind of optcal and visual alarm used to warn people in field when fire occurs. The built-in microprocessor has independent measuring and processing functons. As for the collected informaton, transmit a variety of measuring data to the fire alarm control panel by fuzzy logic processing, and then the control panel judges the status in order to send alarm informaton quickly and accurately. With plug-in structure, reliable performance, simple and easy installaton, atrac- tve appearance, it has high reliability and good ant-interference functons.

• Four wires: non-polarized signal two-wire,     and non-polarized DC24V power two-wire.
• Built-in microprocessor processes fuzzy         logic intelligently.
• Electronic programming of address code that can be modified in field, no dial switch. •   Self-diagnostc functon.
• Provide state signal value.
• Multlevel filter can effectvely suppress          the interference signal.
• Ater actvated, it will generate strong             audible and visual alarm signal.
• Atractve appearance, convenient and             reliable installaton.

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